Archery Tag – What Fun

While it is archery tag, it has much more to do with dodge ball than with tag. If you have never played dodge ball before then you are really in for a surprise! Archery tag is one of the most fun games to be played with a bow to come along in recent history in my eyes. It has gotten to where there is an official organization now which will host these games for cities. They provide all of the bows, safety gear, and anything else that you need for the game.

Of course you can’t just use any compound bow, longbow, recurve bow, or anything else. These guys have their own bows that are built for the game. You really don’t want a 70 lb draw weight firing at a human being do you? You need one that isn’t going to hurt the other person. They heavily regulate this in their games to make sure that everything is safe and accessible for everyone.

So how do you play? It is really pretty simple. If you have played dodge ball before it will be pretty simple for you to pick up. You have two teams, each with their own side of the court they stay on. With archery tag unlike normal dodge ball we also have cover and target for the other team to fire at. When the game starts you will start firing at the other team. If you hit someone, they are out. They go off to the side. You can also get them out by catching an arrow that they shoot.

You can also bring players back in though. Not only will catching an arrow put someone out, it will bring back someone in to your team. With this, there is a lot of reason to try catching arrows. You can also bring someone back in by knocking out one of the circles in a teams target section. The winner will have the most players and target spots left.

If you have the option to try it, I really recommend it. Even if you aren’t into archery. I’m sure you and your friends will have a great time trying it out!